As per our Local Bylaws, the Grievance Committee is made up of the members of the Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Chief Shop Steward and all seven Unit Chairs. All grievances not settled at the first stage are to be submitted to the Executive with a copy going to our CUPE National representative. The Chief Shop Steward is the individual responsible for ensuring the proper processing of all grievances and reports to the Executive Board on all outstanding grievances.

It is very important that members understand their responsibility when it comes to investigating and/or filing of grievances. It is essential at all stages that all information is fully disclosed to the shop steward or executive member doing the investigation. It is your responsibility to inform your shop steward immediately if you feel the Collective Agreement has been violated. Remember that the Executive Board members and shop stewards are your elected representatives and are there for you.

Should a grievance not get resolved through the steps listed in your collective agreement the local has the option of refering the grievance to arbitration for a binding ruling on the case. The decision to proceed to arbitration lies with the grievance committee. The committe will consider all of the relevent facts of the case, weigh all of the pertinent information and make an appropriate recommendation to proceed or withdraw the grievance. At all times the committee recieves guidance from our local's national representative who has access to Cupe's own legal department who are experts in current labour law.