The members of the Education Committee are the Vice President, whom is the Chair of the Committee, and at least three other executive board members.  The role of this Committee is to arrange for representation of the Local at any appropriate and available education seminar or conference and submit these recommendations to the Executive Board.

They are also responsible to compile and keep up to date, a list of courses and seminars attended by each member.  Each Delegate to an education seminar or conference must prepare and present a report to the membership explaining what the course was and what was learned.  Records of these reports must be kept by the Education Committee.

The Education Committee will work closely with the Local's, the Fraser Valley District Council, Fraser Valley Labour Council and CUPE education representatives in implementing both the Local's and CUPE's policies in this field.  The Education Committee is also responsible to implement the Education Program as laid down in the National Defense Regulations.

Check out the link below to Cupe BC's website where you can see a list of upcoming Cupe facilitated courses avialable to you.


Cupe BC Education