Education Policy

CUPE Local 458 Education Policy

The education provided to our members will be based on our annual budget that is set each year. This Education Budget gives us guidelines to determine where the best investment will be for the greatest value.

New elected members will be given the first available opportunity to take a workshop that is related to their position.

Delegates will be selected as per Section 12 of Local 458 Bylaws. Each delegate to any educational workshop, seminar, course or other educational opportunity will make a report to the membership as per Section 12 (D) of the Bylaws.

All materials acquired from the courses are to be catalogued and kept as resource material in the library at the office of CUPE Local 458. Resource material may be signed out of the resource library, so all members can benefit from the knowledge.

Local 458 will recognize any courses that are facilitated by unions that are affiliated with CUPE BC, CUPE National, Fraser Valley District Council, Fraser Valley Labour Council, BC Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress.

Courses that are facilitated other than those mentioned will be brought to the Executive Board for review.

Any member that is not considered “in good standing” will not be given the opportunity to be a delegate until such time as the said member has corrected the situation.

Approved by the Membership of CUPE Local 458, this 6th day of March 2019.